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Chicago SEO Lyfe is an innovative digital marketing, web design and graphic design company that is based in the greater metropolitan Chicago Illinois.  We are a nimble and thoughtful team of locals who combined offer a wide variety of marketing, advertising, B2B, B2C, social media, video production, web design and graphic design services. 


We provide expert services at everything from corporate identity packages to complete web design and development and search engine marketing as well as local maps.


Our philosophy, mandate, vision and corporate statement are all based on “the golden rule”.  We practice and believe in the values of conscious capitalism. 


We love what we do, and it shows.


Chicago SEO Lyfe is a small but mighty team that supports the growth of other businesses.  We help businesses and brands thrive. 


Merit navigates our growth as we constantly and consistently prove our worth on every project that we manage. Looking ahead, Chicago SEO Lyfe maintains hard work, focus and innovative ideas as our catalyst for growth.   We continue to let our work speak for itself.

  Proudly Serving: The Greater metropolitan Chicago area

Proudly Serving: The Greater metropolitan Chicago area

Who is Chicago SEO Lyfe?

We are innovators, creators, nerds, people-people, heartstring pullers, & forward-thinking growth hackers.


We are fearless boat-rockers who go to work to get results.


Give us nothing, and we’ll build something.


 We don’t just spew words at bots or humans


We create blueprints for solid foundations.

We construct illustrations that leave you in awe.

We develop tales to evoke any emotion.

We remanufacture outdated concepts and make them new again.


We’re ambitious, dream-assembling digital architects.


But don’t take our word for it…


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Meet the founder of Chicago SEO Lyfe 
& Chief SEO Geek | Julia Rose

Our Vision & Values

Chicago SEO Lyfe are local marketing geeks with Midwestern roots and values 

We Practice Conscious Capitalism.


Conscious means to be more aware.    


Chicago SEO Lyfe is all about helping businesses grow, but our approach and underlying motivation are what sets us apart.


According to Whole Foods founder John Mackey engaging in "Conscious Capitalism" is to understand the purpose of business beyond JUST making money.  It's understanding the higher purpose of your business and engaging in business in a more conscious way.  


Our business philosophy and approach is based on this principle.  Chicago SEO Lyfe provides marketing expertise that’s done with an awareness for the greater good of your business and all that it effects - including its customers and other businesses.


We choose to partner with other local business who share that value.  If you take care of your customers we would like to help take care of you so that you can reach more. 


We believe that business can be an incredible force for good with the right conscious intent.


Wondering if Chicago SEO Lyfe is the right fit for your business? 



Our Virtues and Values


“SIMPLICITY is the ultimate sophistication”

- Leonardo Da Vinci

Simplicity & Design

We make what others call complicated, simple.  Balancing creativity & clarity we understand that in todays world, your website is the public face of your business.  Statics show that in .5 seconds 94% of visitors decide to stay or leave your website based solely on the website design.   And 74% of B2B customers admit to judging a companies credibility based on website design.

Focus & Results

Our customers know us as Labrador Retrievers due to our reliability, but we’re more like Pitbulls when it comes to our focus. 


We get things done!  As small business owners ourselves we understand the need for ROI.  From the fundamentals of our business models to communications, everything we do is intended to help you succeed. 

“The best measure of RESULTS is success.”

“PURPOSE is the reason you journey.  PASSION is the fire that lights the way.”

Passion & Purpose

Chicago SEO Lyfe are passionate advocates who invest our time and energy into helping other Chicago area brands and businesses succeed.  Each of our team members is authentically purpose driven with an intense desire to go beyond the ordinary limitations of thought and action to accomplish greatness.  We love a good challenge to hit one out of the ball park, especially if it means we get to make a difference along the way.  We look for the same fervidness and zeal in the projects we choose to partner with.  Our “Pay it forward” mentality and mantra guide us towards opportunities to be good and "do good". 

Wisdom & Integrity

Too often in the world of SEO and digital marketing, you just don’t know what you are getting.  At Chicago SEO Lyfe, we share a wealth of wisdom and the core values of honesty, integrity and authenticity that we bring to every engagement.  In our resolve to stand firm in our beliefs, we have the confidence to say and do what’s right, because it’s the right thing to do.  It’s in our company and personal DNA to treat people and their businesses with respect. 

“WISDOM is knowing the right path to take, INTEGRITY is taking it”


Imagine where

we can take you

In today’s market, growth isn’t always about expanding your facilities, it’s often about becoming more relevant to your consumer base by meeting them where they are through the right mix of marketing and branding that will attract new customers and keep them coming back.  It's also about knowing how to put your business's best foot forward online and leveraging your people, products, and processes.   This is where Chicago SEO Lyfe excels.


In an era driven by technology and rapid change, the way a business delivers value today may not be the way it delivers value tomorrow. 


As local SEO experts, Chicago SEO Lyfe recognizes the need for local relevance and constant innovation to provide our clients with a sustainable competitive advantage and business growth.


With a mix of bold imagination and disciplined action, the skilled team at Chicago SEO Lyfe explore marketing strategy with fresh eyes focused on uncovering and revitalizing unexpected sources of inspiration and revenue which drive results. 


Our company culture fosters the business virtues of corporate EQ.   We breathe new LYFE into businesses by connecting with the heartbeat of an organization.


Identifying the pulse of a brand or institution is what we do best.  Blending artistry with a wealth of insight, we craft the right story and the right strategy to advance our client-partners relevancy and profits. 

Ready to get started


Our Digital Marketing Services Include: 

Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

           Small Business SEO Services 
           Organic SEO Company  
           Marketing Packages for Small Business 
           Brand Reputation & Review Management
           Press Releases (SEO Optimized)

Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO Services)

            Local Marketing  
            Local SEO Audit
            Google Maps Marketing
            Google my business posts 
            Citation & Directory Service  
            Hyperlocal Marketing 
            Local Mobile Marketing 
            Reputation Management Software   
            Online Reputation Management  

Marketing Consultant 

          Marketing Strategy  
          Marketing Team Training
          Freelance marketing consultant  
          Local SEO consultant  
          Website consultant  
          Google Analytics Consultant  
          PPC Consultants  
          Keyword Research  

B2B Marketing Strategies 

           B2B marketing 
           B2B lead generation 
           B2B copywriting 
           LinkedIn Lead Generation
           LinkedIn Profile Makeover Service
Content Marketing

Web Design Services 

          Web Design & Development 
          Small Business Website Design 
          B2B Web Design  
          eCommerce Web Design   
          Landing page design Service
          Website Redesign
          Website Audit
          Website design consulting 
Social Media Management    
           Social Media Marketing 
           Social Media Management Services (DFY)  
           Social Media Management Tool (DIY) 
           Social Media Content Creator
           Social Media Paid Advertising
           Social media monitoring 
           Social Media Contests and Sweepstakes
           Facebook Management Services

Video Marketing Services  

           Video Marketing 
           Video Production  
           YouTube Channel Optimization 
           Local video marketing 
           Animated & Explainer Videos
           Testimonial Videos

Branding Services  

           Logo Design
           Graphic Design Company   
           Business Naming Service 
           Brand Style Guide 
           Brand Assets
           Branded Social Cover Page & Profile Designs
           PowerPoint Designer

Pay Per Click Management (PPC Agency)

           Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Social Ads
           Pay Per click marketing agency
           Youtube Video Remarketing 
           Gmail Marketing

More Chicago Marketing agency Services

          Email marketing agency
          Chat Bot Automation
          Domain Consulting & Purchase
          G Suite Email for Business 
          Google Analytics Service
          Postcard Remarketing

Main Office Chicago Southwest Suburbs:  

555 Plainfield Rd, Willowbrook, IL 60527 

ROI@SEOlyfe.com   |   773-800-2627

Hours:  M-F 8 AM - 6 PM, Sat. 10 AM - 4 PM

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