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Logo's, Naming Service, Business Cards, Social Media Brand assets and more for Chicago area businesses and start ups

Great stories happen to those who can tell them

Your brand is the "DNA" of your business.  It's the promise that you make, and the reputation you hold.  


At the heart of branding is storytelling.  This is where Chicago SEO Lyfe excels.   Reaching full business potential means fully aligning and integrating the brand promise with all aspects of business operations.

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To create a memorable brand, you'll need a brand identity that tells your story and supports a vibrant identity that consumers and partners can immediately identify.



Having cohesive brand assets, products and marketing campaigns can provide a unified structure to drive scalable growth.

Your brand drives your ability to increase sales, raise money, secure partnerships, retain talent, win policy fights, and survive crises. 


Your brand is driven by the story of what others know, say, and believe about you. 


Chicago SEO Lyfe specializes in helping leaders and organizations build and sustain brands that outperform their competitors.

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Who needs to hire a Chicago branding agency?

New Brands

| Start Ups

Brand Refresh 

| Rebranding

New Product

| New Service





  • Logo Design

  • Brand Style Guide

  • Social Media Profile Brand Styling Kit

  • PowerPoint Pitch Decks

  • Google Slides Presentations

  • LinkedIn Slide Decks

  • Business Card Design

  • Brochure Design

  • Menu Design

  • Print Media Collateral

  • Billboard Design

  • Brand Research & Audit 

  • Opinion Research & A/B Testing 

  • UX | UI Website Design



  • Naming

  • Message development

  • Storytelling

  • Investor Relations Communication

  • Political or Government Messaging Management

  • Refresh brand with innovative methods & plan

  • Communication of Core Brand Values

  • Bridge Internal & External Brand Perception gap

  • Press/Media Messaging

  • Executive Communications 

  • Reputation management & Crisis Communications

  • Communication game plan for the future



Logo Design

Your logo is the cornerstone of your company’s visual identity.

It is the first entry-point to your brand and will either provide a positive, negative, or indifferent first impression.

Brand Style Guide

This is a short document that ensures brand design consistency.


Elements include logo usage, primary color palette, secondary color palette, typography selection, photo or illustration style, graphic lines or shapes, a custom pattern, or other elements unique to your brand.

Communications Guide

Tell your story through a cohesive, vibrant communication guide that taps your vision and mission while defining how you speak to consumers, employees and the press.


Services include company introduction, our story, our mission, tagline, our brand personality, our tone of voice.

Key Brand Assets

Activate your brand through a core set of assets that are reused every day.


Includes business card, stationary system, email signature, presentation folder, and social media profile branding kit.

Marketing Collateral

Communicating with your customers, employees or investors is key.


Our beautifully designed websites, ads, presentation decks, brochures, signage,  billboards, infographics, and white papers,  will wow your audience while creating an infrastructure to tell your story across every channel.


Let's paint the perfect picture for your brand!


Brand Name Service

Branding starts with a name.  The geeks at Chicago SEO Lyfe are wordsmiths who speak "sticky" language. We create names that stick - every time.


Logo Design Services

Stunning logo design to create the right impact and win mindshare as well as market share!


Your logo drives your brand genetics. Let's nail it!


“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”