To the peaceful protesters

This message is for you 

What does looting and burning cities have to do with the injustice done to George Floyd?



We all know this. 

We also know this is NOT you.


With great respect, I ask you to stop and think.  


What is happening to numerous cities in our great nation is INSANITY.  We know that it is not the peaceful protesters who are committing these crimes and creating a lawless environment in many cities across the U.S.  But please know, your gathers ARE shielding criminals with a different agenda.


What is happening to numerous cities in our great nation is INSANITY.  We know that it is not the peaceful protesters who are committing these crimes and creating a lawless environment in many cities across the U.S.  But please know, your gathers ARE shielding criminals with a different agenda.


Businesses small and large have already suffered greatly due to the global pandemic.  Many of those businesses and their owners are already struggling to survive themselves.  Just as George Floyd was a person behind a tragedy  - the neighborhoods and businesses that are being destroyed are also victimized.  The rioting and theft is destroying many more REAL peoples lives and livelihoods.  


I do not blame you for the anarchy that has swept our nation, I see you.  But I also hope that you can see.   It is vital to understand that your right to peacefully protest is being EXPLOITED.   There are two additional factions involved that are clouding your mission to seek justice for police brutality and change.  I do not think there is a reasonable person amoug us that was not horrified and outraged by the actions of the police that resulted in George Floyd’s death.   We agree that what we witnessed happening to George Floyd was in fact criminal and despicable.  



But your intention to participate in peaceful protests have been HIJACKED.


This is not your fault or intent, but there are opportunists that are using your demonstrations as a shield to facilitate crimes that harm to us all.  This is not the first time some party(s) have staged and created chaos by inserting paid actors and criminals into an environment.  Whether they are foreign or domestic organizations, their motives are clearly to create unrest.  DISEMPOWER THEM.  If you see them among you - call them out.  They are not with.  They are against us all. 


There is also a third faction at play.  These are people who join in with the paid disruptors merely to extract personal gain.   These cowards spontaneously participate with the paid looters wrecking havoc - and jump in to get “free stuff”.  That too is shameful.  But that is not you.  If your mission is to create social justice and change - I am with you.


But, you must know that peaceful protesters are being used as pawns by groups of thugs and thieves.  They cowardly hide among you, but are not with you.  I implore you to disempower those who are exploiting you and creating deeper divide rather than collective good.  In these strange times, we must find a new way to protest. 


If you are outraged (as I am) about how George Floyd was treated - wake up!  I implore you to consider your actions.  You are being used as a shield by criminals who are raping our country.


George Floyds death is not the fault of the businesses and people in the American cities that are suffering from the terror and destruction of these radicals.   Don’t allow these terrorist to use you and George Floyd in this way.  It is wrong - just as George Floyds death was wrong.


I do not know a substitution for a peaceful protest - but as your protests have been hijacked, here is what I propose:


You need a modern way to protest that strips the opportunists ability to detract from your mission.  I have a suggestion on how to show your solidarity without providing imposters the ability to manipulate your efforts.   Don’t let them use you as a shield for their horrific lawless behavior.  That is NOT you.


Deny them the opportunity to hide among you.  Do not gather all together in large groups.  Instead, decorate cities with symbols of peace and remembrance.  The lawless rioters threaten us all.  As they have infiltrated the concept of peaceful protest - we must adjust and disempower that manipulation.


Instead of gathering in masses that can provide a shield where destructive interloping posers can hide like cowards among you - make your cause, strength, and resolve known in a safe and even more powerful VISUAL way.  Imagine thousands or millions of symbols of peaceful solidarity.  In visual support of your mission - black and white ribbons on every tree, object, and business door in every city across America.  Invite all persons and businesses that support your cause to do the same.  United we stand.


The imagery and solidarity you create will PIONEER a powerfully innovative way to effect change in the world - a peaceful way that is fit for modern times.   You have the power to use this opportunity to create new rules that disempower the disruptors we have all witnessed.  Change history for good - not evil.


As each and every one of us walk or drive the streets of our great nation, let us see that symbol that unites rather than divides us.  Ribbons for George Floyd will remind us all in a POSITIVE way, how much support George Floyd, his family, and his cause of equality have.   Most people are good, and we are with you.  Let that be Georges symbol of justice…not burned and boarded up businesses that have caused pain to countless innocents of these communities.  The sad symbols of destruction only divide us- and this is what the disruptors seek.  Don’t give them that.  Strip them of their power to cause chaos and confusion.  I know that is NOT you.  But let’s prove that in a positive way, and create a NEW way to protest and show solidarity for wrong doings by doing what is RIGHT.



I think you will find that your number of volunteers and supporters will GROW.  I for one would join you.  As Mother Theresa once said, “I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me”.  Or in the words of MLK Jr., “Those who love peace must organize as effectively as those who love war.”  


Your mission has been hijacked.  Take it back in a peaceful way.  I believe in you.  I believe in the good of humanity.  


Where we go one, we go all.


Julia Rose