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After receipt of the discovery form & payment, our team begins to work on your campaign: 

The onboarding process is typically completed 5-14 business days from receiving the discovery form, which includes 3-4 business days for copywriting.  In large part, it depends on how quickly we can agree on the correct message and identify the best prospects. Then, we usually launch campaigns within 24 hours of copy approval pending LinkedIn security verification which needs to be coordinated with our team and the profile owner via phone verification with LinkedIn.

Here are the steps that will follow:


1.  Copy:

Using the information provided on discovery form, we will create a profile headline and summary, as well as a branded banner for your client's LinkedIn profile.  We will also craft the copy for the campaign messaging, to include an invitation to connect, a thank you for connecting and 2 drip messages. This will be sent to you to provide your feedback/approval.  The banner art will be sent to you for approval in a separate email.  It takes 3-4 business days after Discovery Form is received before you will receive the copy for the campaign and banner art.  Our copy for initial messages is designed to peak curiosity with the prospect, additionally talking briefly about their pain points and how you make that pain “go away” with your solution. No message is complete without a CTA (Call to Action): These short and concise messages are designed to get people to connect and engage quickly.


2.  Searches:

We will build out the searches for LinkedIn, customized to target your ideal lead pool.   Occasionally, we will reach out to you to clarify details from the discovery form or confirm additional details to be sure we meet or exceed your expectations.


3.  Security Verification:

Once the campaign copy is approved, we will coordinate with you to arrange a time to capture the LinkedIn verification code.  When we log into LinkedIn on a client's behalf for the first time, LinkedIn typically sends an email to the email address on file for the profile, with a verification code.  It's only valid for 10 minutes, so we make sure we send it at a time that is convenient to do so. YOU MUST HAVE SALES NAVIGATOR FOR THIS STEP.   Here is a link to signup for Sales Navigator:  IT MUST BE REMAIN ACTIVE DURING THE CAMPAIGN.


4. Campaign Start: 

Once the LinkedIn account has been verified and we load up final campaign details, your campaign begins.  On average, we send about 75-125 invitations to connect on your behalf.  For about the first week of the campaign, we do start with about 35-45 invitations a day, to be sure the messaging is on target and things are running smoothly.  Some clients choose to send invitations 5 days a week, others 6 or 7.  

  • Any Accepted connections get a “Thanks for Connecting” message within 24 hours - If you make the connection or we make the connection they get a message. If you connect with someone and do not want them to get message please let us know and we will remove promptly.

  • Once a connection is made and thanked, the new connection is dropped into your Drip Marketing campaign inside (and outside if you choose the email addon) of LinkedIn (message 1 received 30 days after connecting).


5. Ongoing Strategy / Support: 

As the campaign runs, we keep on eye on key metrics as well as spot-check incoming responses.  We can tweak messaging strategy and searches as the campaign runs based on this as well as your feedback.  We'll also provide end of month reports to include a summary of key metrics and a CSV file of all connections made via the campaign who didn't immediately message (those who received the welcome message).  The CSV file is a tangible way to share results for one-on-one follow up and/or you can use the data for other campaigns such as email.