LinkedIn Lead Generation


Get 3-5 Highly Targeted Leads This Week Using LinkedIn…

We automate your B2B lead generation and keep your sales pipeline full of fresh new business prospects.

Why LinkedIn for B2B marketing Solutions?

LinkedIn is truly the most ideal social platform for B2B lead generation.  It's a professional environment where you can connect directly with decision makers and bypass the gatekeepers.  Statistics show that LinkedIn is the strongest B2B Social Platform in the world.  

Chicago SEO Lyfe has perfected a strategy and process using LinkedIn as a B2B growth tool because it is the perfect platform for lead generation if done right.   Our LinkedIn lead generation program utilizes a personal LinkedIn profile and turns it into an automated lead generator.  

Using LinkedIn we get you direct access to your ideal TARGETED prospects and put your businesses lead generation on autopilot. 


REAL connections and business are happening every day on LinkedIn. If you're under-utilizing its power you're missing out on business - period! We can help you leverage this vital network by connecting, messaging and engaging with 100s of people on LinkedIn every month on your behalf. 

What should you expect from our LinkedIn Lead Generation solution?

The campaign is has proven to deliver an average of 3-5 warm/hot leads a week (conservatively).  Most high ticket B2B transactions require multiple touches and relationship building.  We utilize LinkedIn to connect with prospects and begin to build a person-to-person relationship with them so that you and your solution always stay top-of-mind.  By week 5 of the campaign, our most recent financial services "opportunity zone" client was getting over a dozen warm leads a week - but results on average are 3-5+ a week.

From "profile makeovers" to completely crafting your messages inside LinkedIn (and outside if you choose to add on an email funnel), we get you predictable results using LinkedIn as a platform.  We first help to define and find your target market on LinkedIn and engage with them in a way that produces “real business”.

What's involved & what's the cost of targeted LinkedIn Lead Generation?

We provide a totally done-for-you LinkedIn marketing solution

Together, we find YOUR ideal leads, educate and engage them about your offering, and drive them to your website, optimized LinkedIn profile, phone, and email - using written-for-you customized messaging. We virtually “knock the doors” and get conversations started with leads who are looking for your type of offer.



To get started, you can fill out the LinkedIn Lead Gen intake form or call us to chat with the team about the kind of results our agency can provide your business.  We have reduced the rate on this popular B2B marketing strategy from it's normal  $1599 to just $899 a month.  


While this service isn't for every business, we are very confident is our campaigns ability to yield a consistently high ROI - so we consider this an introductory offer to our business-to-business marketing services.  We belive you will love the results!

Leads appear every week in your inbox -

so you can focus on closing more deals!


Here is how LinkedIn Lead Generation Works

STEP #1:   Define Your Offer


We start by finding and understand your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) within your niche.

The most effective way to run a LinkedIn lead generation campaign is to start with a well-defined "offer".  

This requires understanding your customer's pain points and offering a compelling solution.  

Are you an accounting firm who specializes in small business tax saving solutions?  Or are your an employee benefits services company who helps mid-sized companies save money with outsourcing HR?  Your LinkedIn lead generation marketing strategy starts with defining this, which in turns helps us to define your ideal target.

We work closely with you to determine the pressing problems and pain points of your target market, then create messaging highlighting your offering as their solution.

We follow your solution to their problem with this proven message flow:

  • Problem 

  • Solution 

  • Call to Action (soft CTA)

STEP #2:   Profile Makeover

Your LinkedIn Profile is your business's most important “Social Proof".   Let’s make it amazing!

We totally refresh and redo your profile as needed. Some profiles don't need much work, while others need a complete makeover. No matter your profile’s current condition, we'll craft you an engaging profile that will attract and inform your target market about exactly what you do and why they need you.

Some of the items included are:

Custom Banner, Summary Rewrite, Headline Rewrite, Upload Professional Head-shot (provided by you, or for an additional fee), and other adjustments as needed will be included to make your profile attractive and engaging.   

LinkedIn profile makeover.png

STEP #3:   Define and Find your Target Market on LinkedIn

We help to define and connect you with your ideal clients.

Using our software and LinkedIn sales navigator* we build an ideal target market for your specific business solution.

For example: if your company sells medical equipment and supplies, your natural target would be “Doctors and medical practices, hospitals, and other medical facilities”

Or for another client, the search criteria could be “CEO’s in Chicago of companies with over 50 employees, in the steel & manufacturing industries”.  We can help you dial in your search to maximize your messaging and results to gain powerful results.

*NOTE:  This service does require that you upgrade your LinkedIn profile to include Sales Navigator which is approximately a $70 monthly fee from LinkedIn billed directly to you and is not included in the cost of our service.

B2B Marketing Strategies Company.jpg

STEP #4:   Messaging your Target Market on LinkedIn

LinkedIn marketing startegy.jpg

Compelling messaging engages the reader to take action.  

Now that we have defined your offer and your target market, our expert team crafts a sequence of professional personalized messages, customized to your business solution and your niche.  

Our team at Chicago SEO Lyfe creates a drip message campaign inside of LinkedIn.  Messages sent inside of LinkedIn get delivered 100% of the time, with no spam filter. 100% delivered means better engagement,

Here is the flow of the messages that go out daily:

  • Custom “Connect with Me" messages –

    • Connection requests are sent at a rate of 75 – 100 per day 5-7 days a week (your choice).   Most campaigns have a 15 -30% connection rate - 15-30 a day, translating to 420 - 840 + NEW connections a month with your ideal target market.  That alone is amazing, but we don't call those leads yet.

  • Custom “Thanks for Connecting Message”

    • New connections receive a custom “Thanks for connecting with me" message with soft CTA (call to action).    This message is designed to get the conversation started and begin to build rapport with leads. 

  • We often see conversions and serge in website traffic just from this initial pair of messages.  But we don’t stop there,  We continue the conversation for several months via a drip campaign, if there is no response. This ensures as many connections as possible end up as interested leads.

  • We do not report them as leads until they have requested more information.  Once they do, we move them from the connections report to the leads report so that you can take over and close the deal!

  • This initial campaign converts connections into interested leads at an average rate of 3-5 a week.

  • Included is a campaign to existing contacts in LinkedIn as well.

  • Note:  We offer an add-on service to move this campaign to email as well.

Our average clients receive 3-5 + highly targeted warm to hot leads a week.

STEP #5:   Reporting Leads & Ongoing Support

We make it easy for you to track new leads with a Google sheets dashboard that you or your team can access from anywhere. 

You will have a report for both connections and another for leads.  Our Chicago SEO reporting team goes in daily to pull out all your leads then puts them in one central location so you can easily track results and leads.

The connections report has all your new contacts details so that you can craft custom followups to any leads that you want.  And your leads report connects you with the exact conversation and on LinkedIn so that you can see where you need to pick up the conversation to close the deal.  

As the campaign runs, we keep on eye on key metrics as well as spot-check incoming responses.  We can tweak messaging strategy and searches as the campaign runs based on this as well as your feedback.  We'll also provide end of month reports to include a summary of key metrics and a csv file of all connections made via the campaign who didn't immediately message (those who received the welcome message).  The csv file is a tangible way to share results and for one-on-one follow up and/or you can use the data for other campaigns such as email.


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