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What does local search (Local SEO) mean?


Paid Ads only get 10% of the clicks

These 3 spots get the majority of clicks.

Google explains Local Maps (Video)

Google Maps Marketing:


If there is only one thing that any local business should be concerned about with regards to marketing their business, it's Google maps marketing.  "Google My Business" (GMB) is a free online listing for your local business.  Claiming and appropriately setting up your GMB listing (which is what powers Google local maps) is the key to a local business being found in Google local search results.  Bing Places is a similar listing for Bing local searches.


Here's what an example of what local search might look like.

It starts in the search bar with a user "query".  A search query just means the words a person/searcher types or speaks into the search box to find what they are looking for on the internet.  

Google (and other search engines) exist to help searchers sort through billions of data points to find what they are looking for online.  They want to match a users intent with a search result.  

Where local differs from other search is that some searches are known to have local intent, therefore, other factors weigh into the decision of what results the search engines might show users.  Of course, one of those is proximity but there are many more. 

Businesses can either use paid ads (with a Google Ads or PPC campaign) or attempt to rank organically on maps or in organic searches.  You can also run an ad within Google maps, or if you are a home service business Google offers verified "local services by Google" status.

As you can see from the search screenshot, just below paid ads, are Googles 3-pack maps listings.  This is the lead spot for any business, and where we often rank our clients.  For local businesses, it's even more important than ranking organically (as those are listed below maps).  According to the most recent (2018) report by MOZ of local ranking factors found here, your GMB listing accounts for over 25% of the ranking factors for placement in the Google maps 3-pack.

In addition to creating and managing paid search campaigns, our team at Chicago SEO Lyfe totally geeks out when it comes to placing Chicago businesses in maps.  It's kind of our thing.  So if you need help getting found online in Chicago, call us!


Our expert local SEO services start for as little as $50 a month 

(Note:  This is for a boost starter service and not a fully managed SEO campaign)

GMB and Google Maps Optimization

Your free Google local listing is one of the most misunderstood parts of local SEO.  

Hiring a pro who knows how to get the most out of that listing (not just creating it) will help get your business literally on the map (Google map) for your desired user search terms.  It's often the most critical thing to the success of a local business.


THIS is our expertise!

Local Directory Listings Service 

Being listing on the right local and niche directories is a critical step in any Local SEO strategy.  

Our Local SEO plans include a directory listings service for as little as $50 a month. 


For some businesses, this is all the boost they need. 

We can get you listed in the right places starting at $50/mo.

Reviews  & Reputation Management

REVIEWS MATTER to every business!

Think about it. Do you read online reviews?  Would you trust a business service or product with a 2-star rating or poor reviews?


Your brands online reputation is something, you need to monitor and protect.  Chicago SEO Lyfe is ready to help!


Social Media, On-page Local SEO

& Paid Search

Stats show that most people who visit your website aren't ready to make a purchase immediately.  But by using local SEO & techniques like remarketing on Google or social media, you can stay top of mind.

We also offer a unique blend of digital/print marketing where a visitor to your website can receive a postcard from you 1-3 days after visiting your website.

Mobile First

& Voice Search 

With daily internet searches climbing over 3 billion, consumers are seeking your products and services in the micro-moment.


Our mobile-optimized website includes click-to-call and click-to-email integrated within responsive designs. 


This makes it easy for you to convert website visitors to paying customers.



Since we treat our customers like family, we do our best to help and protect them.   Local search marketing is our expertise.  In fairness to our existing customers, we do not work with more than one competing business in any given service for a particular radius (determined by industry). 


We’d love to help every Chicago area business that provides great service or products to its customers, but there aren’t enough spots on page one of Google (or Google maps) to rank every doctor, lawyer, restaurant or spa in Oak Brook, or River North. 


Depending on how many paid ads exist, making page one in search results can be very competitive.  While we (and no legitimate company) can guarantee #1 positioning, we have achieved excellent and consistent results for our customers with local search optimization.  Generally, more than 70% are in the Google Maps snack pack for their desired keyword terms.


Getting our clients in Google Maps 3-pack is our goal.  Since maps results often appear before organic results, maps domination is often do-or-die for a local business.  It’s what get’s you phone calls and foot traffic. 


If you need help finding local customers, contact us with your location and industry.  If we are not working with one of your direct competitors, then we would love to welcome you to our family.


Send us a note or give us a call today to find out how our local SEO services can help you. Just call 1-773-800-2627 or fill out our contact us form to get in touch with our local Chicago SEO experts and we will get back to you shortly.  But please understand that if your competition calls us first we will have to respectfully decline.  That’s not a marketing ploy – it’s just a fact about how we do business.  We hope we can serve you!

If you want to take your local Internet marketing to another level or simply explore ways you can improve your marketing effectiveness 

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We help companies in Chicago and the greater Chicago metro area, Chicago suburbs, and nationwide with marketing services, SEO and Google maps marketing.

Locally Targeted


If you are a local or service business in the greater Chicago area, you are likely to be looking for more customers locally. 

We're a Chicago based local  SEO company with some of the VERY BEST local marketing services you can get.  


If you're a local dentist, lawyer, doctor, spa owner, plumber, contractor or restaurant near the Chicago Metro area it's not going to benefit you to be found by a user searching for any of those services in LA right?   You want customers (and search result rankings) that are in the Chicago...near you and more likely to visit or call YOU.  

Voice, mobile and web searches like, "best marketing services near me", are queries with local intent. 


Whether you’re an established business or a humble start-up any business that wants more local customers can benefit from great local SEO services.  Let Chicago SEO Lyfe be your local marketing guides. 


We've got you Chi-town!

Our basic local SEO services start at as little as $50 a month

Rule local Chicago area searches.


Get your solutions to the right audience with innovative local SEO strategies!

Local SEO is the art and science of optimizing a business’ visibility online for search queries targeting local audiences. 

Do national businesses need local SEO ?

Yes.  Local SEO campaigns aren't just for businesses serving a single local market.


Local SEO is also an effective component of broader SEO campaigns when companies seek to penetrate new geographic markets, roll out new products/services, and fight off competitors in hotly contested areas.

Even if your focus is national, Chicago is a huge market and ranking well locally can help most any type of business (see the market size chart).   


2018 chicago population infograph _ Chicago S

With search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo focusing their SERP’s  (Search Engine Results Position) on a business's location, it is becoming more and more essential for businesses of all shapes and sizes to focus on local SEO.   


This is a direct result of how most of us search the web today.  Over 90% of the searches being made over search engines are actually for a service name - not a business.  For instance, rather than searching "Gibsons Steak house"", a searcher light instead search for, "Steak restaurant near me".   


Voice search also typically has local intent.  And “near me” and mobile searches are on a steep incline as well.  Search engines like Google know this, and their algorithm is getting better and better at understanding a searchers intent.  As a result, search engines are delivering better results for these local user search queries with local intent.

Many searches have local intent which results in a Google maps result.   When a user is on the internet looking for a product or service they typically want to connect with a solution that is realistic and available sooner than later.


For instance, if you have a big event coming up and your face breaks out.  You might have heard of “Dr. Pimple Popper”, but flying to California from Chicago might not be ideal.  Instead, you are likely to search something like, “dermatologist near me”. 


Or maybe you got a traffic ticket or DUI and need immediate local legal help.  You might do a Google search query for, “DuPage DUI lawyer”, which is a local search that will result in Google maps showing paid ads and the top three local GMB results. 


Both are examples of geotargeted searches that fall into the category of local search. 


Need a small business SEO service that works?  Our local SEO services will boost your visibility and chance of getting one of the coveted spots on page one of the Google maps 3-pack. 

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