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Are you connecting with your customers on social media?

Marketing has changed a lot over the past few decades. But one thing remains constant: If you want to get more customers, you have to go to where your audience spends time.

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74% of people use social media when making a purchase decision.  Additionally, 81% of consumers report their purchase decisions are influenced by their friends’ social media posts.  (Source) 


Social Media is a critical touchpoint for shoppers in both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) industries, which is why many businesses invest in professional social media management services.  To reach today’s customers, it’s necessary to engage in social media regularly and the right way.

Why Chicago SEO Lyfe?

Chicago SEO Lyfe is a trusted choice for social media management.  As your partner, we’ll help your business improve its brand awareness, customer loyalty, revenue, and more.

As a top Chicago area social media agency, we offer a variety of competitive services.  


Our custom social media marketing service plans can get your business started by building brand awareness, as well as generating revenue from social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and Twitter. 


Depending on your needs, we offer everything from full-service social media marketing and management to providing an amazing social media management software tool for "do-it-yourselfers" or those with internal teams who just need a little help. 


We also offer affordable monthly social media content creator plans that can put your custom social post creation on auto-pilot. 

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Why does your business need social media?

Social media is a critical piece of the marketing mix.  In order to succeed and thrive in today’s digital-first world, your business needs active social media profiles. There are over 14 BILLION active profiles across the top 20 social networks (according to Statisa)  — that’s a huge potential audience for your business.  


Your brand's social footprint can drive immediate ROI while building the buzz, awareness, and brand loyalty you need to leverage and expand your brands reach. 


Here are some of the most compelling benefits of investing in social media.


  • Protect and build brand awareness

  • Strengthen brand authority & Increase Business Reputation

  • Engage Targeted Traffic

  • Reach More Customers

  • Relationship Building

  • Generate Valuable Leads

  • Maintain customer loyalty

  • Encourage Repeat Purchases

  • Boost Your SEO

  • Provide Customer Service

  • Free Marketing

  • Develop Industry Relationships

  • Magnify your Other Marketing Efforts

  • Competitor Analysis and Business Intelligence

There are over 14 BILLION active social profiles

Every business can benefit from using a good social footprint as a method of visibility and communication.  The bottom line is a business without a social media presence can look dated.  Consumers expect to find brands on the major social sites, often using social profiles to gauge whether they can trust the business or not.  


Some social media users find their favorite brands on channels like Instagram and Facebook, only visiting the website later on.  And since it’s now possible to make purchases directly from the social sites, some consumers will not even visit your main website.  Social media is not the only factor in the success of an online business, but it’s certainly something few businesses should ignore.

Social Media Marketing

How can your business benefit from using a social media management agency?

There are many compelling reasons and advantages of working with a social media management company.  Here are a few of the top reasons you may want to consider social media services from a professional team like Chicago SEO Lyfe:

  • Get industry-leading expertise

While social media management isn’t rocket science, it does take a good deal of time and resources to learn the best tips and practices for all the social channels as well as implement from the creation perspective.  You can leapfrog ahead of the trial-and-error learning curve with consulting or services from our experienced team.

  • Maximize in-house resources

Month-to-month it takes a significant amount of time for a business to develop, launch, monitor and maintain a social media content strategy in-house. Partnering with an experienced provider of social media services is a smart (and easy) solution

  • Access advanced marketing software

Purchasing marketing automation software can be a significant investment for an individual business.  But for companies that want to succeed online, it’s a necessity.  Chicago SEO Lyfe offers some of the most unique and user-friendly software that aids in the creating, approving and reporting processes involved in social media marketing.

  • Improve time management

Most business owners don’t have time or knowledge to manage social media on their own and can greatly benefit from trusted pros who can take that task of their plate so that they can focus on what they do best.  Other companies may have in-house marketing teams.  In order to provide the same level of service that a professional social media agency provides you would likely need to have at least one dedicated employee to manage your social alone.  Even at a level of $1,000-$3,000 a month for our services, you would likely to be paying an employee more in salary and benefits.  While having in-house staff can be great expertise and ability to streamline processes with techniques and technology we can free up your staff to focus on other tasks.

  • Increase social media marketing ROI

With experience comes results.  Since social media is constantly changing, we stay on top of emerging social media trends and technologies so you don’t have to.  We integrate the new discovered elements into our solution before the competition does, giving you maximum visibility to your customers you’re your competitors.

Social Media Paid Advertising

Here are a few findings about the impact of social media:

  • 78% of respondents say a company’s social media posts influence their purchases

  • 46% of shoppers rely on social media when making a purchase

  • 88% find online reviews just as trustworthy as personal recommendations

  • 22% of the world’s total population uses Facebook

  • 81% of millennials check Twitter at least once per day

  • 80% of users say they follow a business on Instagram

  • YouTube video reaches more 18-34 and 18-49 year-olds than any cable network in the U.S.


At Chicago SEO Lyfe, we help business and brands breath LYFE into their social media engagement by establishing and expanding their voice, and utilizing social media as a key method of communicating with customers, members and the public.

Social Media Platforms Chicago SEO Lyfe manages Include:

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest

  • Twitter

  • YouTube (Also the worlds 2nd largest search engine)

  • Google My Business (GMB)

  • Facebook ad management
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Instagram ad management
  • Pinterest ad mangement
  • Twitter ads
  • YouTube ads

How can Chicago SEO Lyfe help your business with social media services?

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As a full-service digital marketing agency, our social media services offer everything your business needs to succeed on social media.


Our social media marketing services are focused on putting your company in a better position to tap into the two-way conversation happening between you and your customers.


Through our social media audit, competitive analysis, and custom-built interactive strategies, we’ll show you how to navigate the social web and drive visitors and paying customers to your website.


We offer a wide range of marketing services that will help small and medium-sized businesses grow and save money at the same time.  Our social media campaigns generate leads (not just likes & comments).

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Table Of Content

Social Media Management

2. Why Chicago SEO Lyfe?

3. Why does your business need social media?

     3.1 Benefits of investing in social media

4. Benefits of hiring a social media management agency.

      4.1   Industry expertise

      4.2  Maximize in-house resources

      4.3  Access to advanced software

      4.4  Improve time management

      4.5  Increase ROI

5.  Social media impact facts

6.  Chicago SEO Lyfe social platforms

7.   How can Chicago SEO Lyfe social media services help your business?

8.  Social Media Management Packages & Pricing

      8.1  Cover and Profile Design

      8.2  Content Creation Packages

      8.3  Social Media Software Tools

      8.4 Social Media Advertising

      8.5  Custom Social Media Management               Services

      8.6  Social Media Contest &                                     Sweepstakes

      8.7  Social media marketing strategy 

             8.7.1  Social media audit 

             8.7.2  Competitor analysis  

             8.7.3  Community building

             8.7.4  Community & Reputation                                   monitoring 

             8.7.5  Monthly Reports

Do you need a

social media manager?

Hey, I'm Julia Rose and I'd love to help!

About Julia Rose

Raised on the Northshore and now residing in the south-west suburbs, I'm a Chicago native and founder of Chicago SEO Lyfe.  As a seasoned digital marketing professional I have a passion for helping other businesses and brands succeed online.  I'd love to help you too.  My team and I give every client we work with the kind of service that we hope to receive ourselves.

Do you need a

social media manager?

Hey, I'm Julia Rose and I'd love to help!



We make social media management services affordable for small businesses who don't have time or skills to do it themselves.  Most of our modestly priced small businesses social media services provide enough leverage for businesses to leap ahead of their local competition.  But if you are looking for more white-glove or deep-dive social media strategy, consulting and execution services we are happy to help there too.   For samples and more information check here

Pricing Starts at


Cover and Profile Design (Branded Social Assets)

Looking for a custom social media page or profile design?

If your social media profiles don’t match your website branding, people can lose the connection when they go from one to the other. 


Improve brand awareness, plus send positive trust signals, with a custom cover and profile design.


Your brand should have a clear identity across all online platforms.  This means making sure your brand look, style and feel is on-brand (matching) with your website as well as all social channels. 


We offer simple affordable solutions that provide your business with “Branded Social Assets”. 


Everything from a Facebook business page banner and profile art, to LinkedIn company and personal profile branded art (yes, your personal LinkedIn profile is an important part of your brand).


Our talented social media designers will create professional and eye-catching art, while ensuring your brand standards are met.


Ready to get your social media pages designed by the pros? Contact us now to find out more about our social media design and marketing services.

Content Creation Packages

Earn new followers or engage current subscribers with unique and on-brand posts custom created for your business.  Good social media marketing is all about high-quality content and consistent branding.  Neither is possible without proper design work.   Why?  Because social media is a visual platform.  We’ll create visually engaging content that shares your unique story and value proposition.  


Our content strategy team ensures that each piece of content conveys your unique brand from design, messaging, voice and channel optimization.  Every month, Chicago SEO Lyfe’s professional social media content creator team will create 12 (3 a week x 4 weeks), 20, or 30 reusable custom posts (depending on your plan) for distribution on up to 5 social profiles (that’s up to 100 posts a month) for your social media accounts. Our easy to use software ensures no post will go live without your team’s approval. 


Pricing for our DFY social media services starts at just $199 and is 100% transparent – check here for more details on our social media content packages or fill out the form for an exact quote!


*Visual Content is more than 40 times more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content.  Chicago SEO Lyfe’s social media content creation services include video and animated GIF’s, which are becoming the most popular types of social media shared and viewed. 

Pricing Starts at

$199 (12 per. mo. pack)

Pricing Starts at


Social Media Tool Demo

Social Media Software Tools

We value ease-of-use and time efficiency tools that provide our clients with some of the best social media management software tools on the market.   Many are included in our social media campaigns and monthly plans. 


There are a lot of businesses that are looking for LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook publishing tools.  Some of our best tools are also available for a very affordable fee to businesses and brands who want to manage their own social media or have in-house staff that just need the right tools for a time-saving competitive edge. 


As long as you are not in direct competition with our existing customers you can get access to our easy-to-use but awesome social tools for a small monthly fee (starting at $19.99 a month - $99 one time set up fee).   


We have the perfect design, scheduling and publishing tools for Facebook and all the other major social media platforms that you have been looking for.

If you want a more intuitive and reasonably priced alternative to Hootsuite, Social sprout or Buffer check out our social media software demo here.

Pricing Starts at


Social Media Marketing Paid Advertising Management

One of the appealing things about social media is that it is viewed as “free marketing”, but sometimes it makes sense to pay-to-play in social.  We are well versed in some many of the traditional ways to advertise on social, as well as the lesser-known vehicles that can provide some very targeted returns on investment for advertisers.


We would love to be your trusted guide.  Dynamic social media marketing (SMM) campaigns can move the needle by driving social awareness and increased return on your investment.  Paid social advertising campaigns include strategy and target audience analysis, custom creative ads, set up for social ads and management/monitoring.


We help our clients succeed by building innovative digital campaigns around a dynamic social media presence. Excellent online marketing is a mix of compelling content and well-executed advertising. We manage campaigns and promotions that grow audiences, shape sales funnels, generate leads, and sell products and services.

  • Facebook Ads

  • YouTube Ads

  • Instagram Ads

  • Twitter Ads

  • LinkedIn Ads

  • Retargeting

  • Remarketing

Custom Social Media Management Services

Chicago SEO Lyfe offers social media management services that cover everything from content creation, posting and scheduling to automation, social listening and reputation management and comprehensive competitor analysis and more. 


We understand that sometimes you just need a place to start and other times you are looking for full-service solutions.  We offer packages that address both needs   We try to be as transparent as possible about how we work in order to give you an idea of how we might be able to work within a specific budget.



Social Media Contest & Sweepstakes

Promotions such as contests and sweepstakes can provide the most important piece of social media engagement: Giving your target audience incentive to interact with your brand.

By offering new leads and current customers rewards and prizes, you can accelerate your social media engagement efforts, collect new insights about your audiences, and curate new content for future strategies.

Social contests often result in user-generated content (UGC) with things such as photo, video or writing contests. 


Social contests generally increase brand advocacy and social sharing as customers are posting content they created for your brand and introducing it to their network in a natural conversation.  This can also cut your content development effort down by providing you with authentic, curated customer-centric content to reshare.



Social Media Marketing Strategy 

Getting the most out of your social media budget means assessing your needs, outling opportunities, and prescribing specific actions for long-term social media success.


  • Social media audit 

Our social media audits analyze your businesses presence across the various social networks and offer strategic ways to improve. We will review your past posts, comments, user engagement, and more to develop a competitive and custom strategy for your business.


  • In-Depth Competitor analysis 

Get unmatched insight into the online performance of your competitors with a detailed competitor analysis, conducted by a social media specialist. With our research, we can spot competitor weaknesses and opportunities for your business, helping you launch the best possible campaign.  We’ll identify their tactics, and design an action plan that you can start implementing to gain a competitive edge in your industry.



More Social Media Consulting Services

  • Community building strategy

We outline which communities are worth monitoring, what the competition is doing and how you can naturally enter these communities and form relationships. This strategy document will also show you how to identify the important conversations in your industry and when, how and whom to reach out to.


  • Community & Social Media Reputation monitoring 

We monitor the communities important to you, track your brand or keywords across those, and proactively respond to both positive and negative mentions. Interacting with what your users say and post about your brand is an excellent way to build trust with your current audience while reaching others with your replies.

  • Detailed Monthly Reports

Monthly report on the performance of your social media strategy with Chicago SEO Lyfe.